TG-Reading BD Chapter 25
August 5, 2009, 9:07 am
Filed under: Twilight

Having a cottage given to you as a birthday present isn’t actually that bad, even if it does mean Bella will practically be living in her in-laws’ backyard. I suppose the best thing about it being so close to the rest of the Cullens is that they only have to hop out of bed and run over if they want to see the others (and of course their daughter). Another great thing about it is that anytime they want some alone time, they only have to leave Renesmee over at her grandparents house and go frolicking off on their own. Blissfulness!

Not for long, you two lovebirds. Pretty soon Renesmee’s gonna get bigger, and stronger. If a vampire like Esme can build a house that fast, little Renesmee can sure as heck tear it right down again during her first Grand Tantrum. Baby vampire temper equals woe to that poor little cottage.


Daddy I TOLD YOU to gimme the cookies! Daddy I TOLD YOU to gimme the cookies! 

Like, Bella, I don’t have much need for a big closet, though for different reasons. My miniature, college-apartment-sized one is just right for me. Then again, almost all I have are plaids and jeans. Any time I imagine a big closet like Bella’s, I picture one of the most utterly horrific scenes in a certain sequel to a teen movie where the main character (whose name escapes me) discovers that her closet is… a mall!!! (this was either a movie or something in a Wal-Mart Hannah Montana advertisement… or perhaps both?).


But of course, what can you expect? You’ve got Alice in charge now, finally able to smother her sister-in-law with gifts and clothes. What I don’t understand is why we still haven’t gotten to Edward’s present. Mr E. Cullen, I want to see this car, if you don’t mind too terribly my interrupting your blissful wedded life…

I don’t really know what I would do if I was Charlie Swan, and some guy just started turning into a werewolf in front of me. I don’t even think I would have stayed around long enough to see Jacob change into a werewolf, as Jacob had to remove his clothes at some point before transforming. Awkward. But then you have this big scary wolf in front of you where a second ago there was your friend’s son. Does Charlie just stand there in awe? Does he get his shotgun out? Does he at least call his psychiatrist for a mental health examination? The poor man has probably just had a heart attack.

Of course, I don’t know exactly how far Jacob thought his plan out, and it would be just like him to think it’s a grand idea without figuring out all the consequences of his actions. Still, it might not be as bad as Bella and the Cullens think it is. After all, now that Charlie has had one huge fright, he might be relieved to find out that his daughter is only a vampire who has only just recently given birth to his vampire/human grandchild. To me, that seems to pale in comparison (pardon my pun) to the fact that Jacob can turn into a big wolf. If one of my friends tried to tell me this, it might go something like:

“FRIEND: Hey Alyx! Didst thou know I could turn into a SQUID?



For this reason I can’t even imagine being Charlie and driving down this long road to the Cullen’s house. What must be going through his mind? Does he think that Bella has gone insane? That’s a long drive, and it gives him a lot of quiet time to mull over what Jacob told him. Perhaps he thinks it was all a joke mixed with some horrible hallucinations. If I was Charlie I probably still wouldn’t believe what Jacob had said despite all the evidence, and might wonder what I was doing driving to these people’s house when it was all probably a big joke.

Question For The Comments: If one of your friends turning into a werewolf in front of you, how do you think you would react?


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