Cyrstal Rose(Supposed to be after BD-I wrote this)

April 27, 2009

Dear Diary,

We’re moving again-We’re actally at the house now.It not as awesome like the last one, but not bleh.It’s cool I guess,…… it’s just a four story glass walled masion that barely has any privacy in it and it’s just so big I could get lost in die and no one would know.Yeah…Oh!-gotta go to my stupid school now.It’s stupid name is stupid Millview High and there’s no stupid mills in view. Madera is weird…, but I should at least try to make friends.

                                                 Chapter 1:Car Ride

NEW SCHOOL,NEW HOUSE, NEW PLACE, IT’S LIKE DAD’S TRYING SO HARD to kill me.  Ugh so many people…..I’m sooooo gonna die today.   Mom didn’t stop dad I can remember her words so clear

 ”It’ll be good for you.It’s how I met your father, and you know Edward and me will always take you out of school when you need it.”

I had answered her with “But I have Jacob!!”,but mom wouldn’t listen.

It was sooo embrassing, my own mother and father came to school with me even though they do look young.  They’re freakin’ frozen in there 17 and 18 year old bodies.  Atleast we’re still in the car.  Oh!I barely remebered dad can read my mind..  .I turned my head to see my father amlost glaring at me.  …scary.  Now I know how mom must of felt, but not as weird.  Dad smiled.  Must have read my mind.  Ugh it’s not fair! 

Then dad turned to me,“Life isn’t fair Renesme..”


Sorry Renesme, but your the only mind I can read..”then he looked at mom.  Hmm..the loner named Renemse that hangs out with her teen parents…Great, just amazing.  But then again with dad I just might get attetion and then mom….Hmm, maybe I’ll end up being popular.  Then a tiny voice in the back of my head was thinking negative, or maybe you’ll be loneliest loner in the world of man kind……and supernatural things that look like humans… inculding me as the freak as I am.  Half human half vamipire.  I’m a freak of nature.

“Now Ren-” STOP TRYING TO SUGAR COAT IT DAD!!!! Finally we were at school.

Finally a real reason to love school.

                                                 Chapter 2:The Clique

My first day of was finally over.  I was waiting for Jacob my ride home.  I wasn’t going in that Volvo again.

Wow.  In Who’s freakin’ mind are they everything?  I turn to my father.

“In almost every boy’s.”

I let a snarl rip through my lips.  I’ll bite them someday I swear I will.

“Renesmee……if you even try…”, my father started.

They were tall-kinda- stylish I guess.  Everybody stared at them with admiration.  There was three of them. The one on the right was blond with long curly hair. She had purple eyes and was texting. The one on the left had short sporty black hair with blue eyes and was staring at dad….my dad…Edward….ewwwwww.  What is she thinking?! 

“She think she’ll become best friends with you to get to me.”

Get a brain biz-nap.  Dad smiled.  Of course.

The one in the middle had brown hair and green eyes.  She is so pretty…  Prettier than me and Rosalie combined.

“She is not.”

“Yes she is dad. ”

 We were out side the cafiteria next to a tree.  There was only four girls and four boys that weren’t watching us.  Those are the only people I want as friends here.  Exculding dad and mom.

                                                   Chapter3:WHAT THE?!

As the main “cool girl” walked toward me so many thing went on in my head.  Well not really many just one.  The same one.  It was the oh so common: WHAT THE?!

Yup.  Common.

Does she not see mom?

I stared at Dad,….Edward.  I rolled my eyes.

“She does she thinks that she’s your best friend and I’m your brother.”

Ga..Ga..Gah.  My mouth was gasping for air. Eyes wide. Mouth hanging wide open.

She was almost here.

I was still gasping for air.  It took me a while to control my breathing.

Then she was right in front of me.

                                               Chapter 4:Oh Wow

“Hello I’m Jasmine.  You are?”

She seemed nice…. probably the make-up.

“I’m Renesme.”  We shook hands.

She pointed to the other two girls. 

The sporty one was beaming at me and the girly one was still texting when she drop her phone for what thought was probably a sidekick.  I coundn’t believe the amount of boys who tried to pick up her phone.  It was probably broken. Mom and dad just shook their head at the sight.

“That’s Leslie and that’s Julia.”’she told me.  Julia finally got her phone back after just standing there.

In the parking lot I saw a motorcycle pull up.  My ride home.

Yay!!Jacob’s here!

Dad gave me a disaproving look.What?!  You wouldn’t let Jacob in the same classes as me I should at least get to see he during break, after school, and lunch!  If you don’t like it you should of let Alice and Rosalie take me!

“Oh fine”,he whispered so the humans couldn’t hear.

When Jacob came the “Jamine” person was already talking to a football jock. 

Wow.Then I turn to give my muscular werewolf a peck on the check.

“I missed you.”

“Me too.”

                                                           Chapter 5:Why Me

The next day dad took me up on what I said yesterday about Alice and Rosalie taking me to school.

“Nessie can I do you hairrrr?”,Alice asked

Why,oh why did I say that?!

“Sure, Whatever.”

“How ’bout your clothes?”


“YAY!I already picked out your outfit.”

After curling and dressing we got in Alice’s Porsch.

When we got to school Jacob greetted me with a hello, a peck on the lips, and left to his locker.  Every boy ,I thought, was staring at me.  Should of never let Alice dress me in this long sleeve kelly green  shirt and theese wayyy too short, shorts.


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