TG-Reading BD Book Chapters 14 & 17
August 5, 2009, 9:00 am
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Charlie Swan seems to be taking the strange news quite well, considering the fact that he was just introduced to his new granddaughter who magically appears to be years older than she should. I wonder if he still thinks this is all some big joke? I suppose if I was Charlie, and I hadn’t seen Jacob transform into a big wolf, I might think that all this was a very elaborate plan to cover up something much bigger and more sinister than simply ‘Bella was sick’ and ‘Renesmee is a strange baby’.


However, despite Charlie’s good intentions, I think what Renesmee needs least of all right now is another admiring servant. She already has the Cullens and Bella and Jacob and Leah and Seth waiting on her every whim — now she has a grandfather who’s attached and ready to do her bidding. Forget her ability to crush rocks: the fact that she’s not a bratty beast is shocking enough. I was wondering for a while if she would have difficulties since she appeared to be two years old but was only two weeks old, but thankfully since she seems to also be learning at a faster rate, she might actually be able to fit in with their semi-society. This brings up an interesting question: since Renesmee is a vampire-human child, will she ever be able to associate with humans? I mean, both Bella and Edward were able to go to high school, and to have some sort of a life with others around them. Will Renesmee be forced to live alone with her parents, and not be out with others? I wonder also if since Jacob has imprinted on her, if she actually needs those other people, and won’t feel lonely being cut off from society as long as he is around. The arm-wrestling match proves in a way just how powerful the new Bella is. She goes from being the weakest of them all, and clumsy, and vastly uncoordinated, to being able to defeat the strongest vampire she has ever known. Seriously, she’s punching rocks and crumbling stones into powder with “the consistency remind[ing her] of hard cheese.” It makes me feel sympathies for the surrounding boulders.


It’s nice that after all of the pain and the problems that Bella has had to go through for the past couple years, to see her finally getting to have a little bit of happy, family life: “Happiness was the main component in my life now, the dominant pattern in the tapestry.” But even as all this happiness seems to be taking over Bella’s life, the entrance of a new vampire puts a great, dark streak across it. When Irina appears, immediately the thoughts of the other vampires return: there are others who will not be so pleased with Renesmee and Jacob, much less Bella. I keep wondering how the Volturi will actually react when they discover this news. Is Renesmee really that much of a threat to them? If the Cullens can stay hidden for so long, I don’t see why they couldn’t hide Renesmee just as easily.